Hillsdale County, Michigan Awards Televate, LLC Contract for Radio System Transition Feasibility Consulting


Friday, September 10, 2021

VIENNA, VA – Hillsdale County, Michigan recently awarded Televate, LLC a contract to assist in assessing the feasibility and expected costs to migrate their public safety radio communications to the Michigan Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS), a statewide 700/800 MHz system that provides public safety voice communications and paging services to thousands of agencies across the State.

As part of the contract, Televate will work closely with the County and its stakeholders to identify shortcomings in the existing conventional VHF radio network, identify County assets that can be leveraged for a new implementation, and establish a sustainable evolution plan that accommodates user needs while minimizing cost.

Televate has extensive experience working in Michigan, including with counties utilizing the MPSCS. Earlier this year, Televate supported Antrim County with a similar analysis, and is currently working with four separate entities in the State related to MPSCS integration. Televate looks forward to its partnership with Hillsdale County and contributing to improvements to their vital public safety communications.

About Televate, LLC

Televate, LLC is a leading communications engineering consultancy delivering innovative IT services and solutions for public safety and homeland security. Our program management and engineering experts design sustainable, interoperable communications solutions to deliver the tools and information to power public safety missions.