About Us


As champions of public-centric communications solutions, Televate’s engineers, program managers, and consultants are not just technology experts—we are advocates for our customers and the communities they serve and represent.

Founded in the wake of September 11th’s alarming exposure of public safety communications deficiencies, Televate has evolved in partnership with the communities we serve to become one of the nation’s leading communications solutions companies. We deliver innovative, interoperable voice and data communications and information technology (IT) services for public safety and homeland security organizations, state and local government agencies, public authorities, and critical infrastructure industries.

Leveraging our extensive wireless and wired broadband capabilities, Televate extended our services into the community broadband sector to address the digital divide and deliver broadband communications to unserved and underserved communities. We are additionally supporting government and commercial customers with private LTE and 5G broadband solutions that provide customers with dedicated and customized networks to meet their specific requirements.

Televate is committed to providing our clients with:

  • Innovative, sustainable, scalable, long-term solutions
  • Cost-effective planning and timely project delivery that meets operational goals and budgets
  • Vendor-neutral consulting
  • Side-by-side collaboration and mutual respect

Our holistic project approach allows us to readily assess and develop a strategic plan to meet the specialized needs of your program while meeting your operational goals and budget.

Our Team

Our diverse staff of communications experts has amassed tremendous experience supporting local, state and federal agencies, public authorities, private enterprise and others on a wide variety of communications programs. We also provide a host of specialized technical and programmatic management consulting services in areas such as communications planning, mission critical communications, community broadband, LTE/5G and in-building systems, as well as system operations.

We don’t dictate—we collaborate.

We are the experts in our field, and we appreciate that you are the expert in yours. We work side by side as partners with our clients, combining our experiences and expertise to deliver a solution that is not only smart, but also sustainable.