About Us


Televate delivers innovative communications and information technology solutions providing our country’s first responders and the organizations that support them with the communications tools they need, when they need them!

Focused on interoperability, leading technology and collaboration, Televate was founded in the wake of September 11th’s alarming exposure of public safety communications deficiencies. We have evolved in partnership with the first responder community to become one of the nation’s leading communications solutions companies, delivering innovative interoperable voice and data communications and information technology (IT) services for public safety and homeland security organizations, state and local government agencies, public authorities and critical infrastructure industries.

Our philosophy is to provide our clients with the most innovative, cost-effective, sustainable communications solutions available today. We stand by our customers as partners from start to finish. Our engineers will help your organization identify its communications needs while our grant specialists will identify funding sources to make your goals a reality. We will develop and program manage a strategic project plan customized to your organization, and work tirelessly to ensure your organization’s first responders have the world’s best communications technology at their fingertips.

Our Team

Televate professionals are a diverse staff of mission critical communications experts that have amassed tremendous experience supporting local, state and federal agencies, public authorities, and others on numerous varied communications programs. We also provide a host of specialized technical and programmatic management consulting services, in areas such as communications planning, standard operating procedures (SOP), Concept of Operations (ConOps), and Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) development to the public safety and critical infrastructure industry.