• Televate’s new Pinpoint platform empowers you to get the facts on your carrier’s coverage and performance.
  • Collect crowd-sourced coverage test data with no special equipment–you only need smartphones and our Pinpoint app.
  • You’re the crowd: collect data where you want, when you want, and how you want.
The image shows a sample screen on the Pinpoint app.

Use with any current model Android device on any carrier network!

Pinpoint™ is a groundbreaking coverage collection and analysis service that allows users to crowd-source the collection of cellular network availability and performance data. Designed for ease of use, Pinpoint automatically collects over 50 unique data elements—including service availability, device location, signal strength, signal quality, cell information, network latency and data throughput—and uploads the data to Televate’s secure cloud service. Easy-to-understand maps, charts and graphs allow subscribers to visualize the data. Whereas coverage maps advertised by wireless carriers use a statistical average to predict service, Pinpoint provides you with the empirical evidence of the service level, not a prediction.

The image shows a sample output map.

Because Televate lives and breathes public safety communications, our maps are laser-focused on accurately depicting service reliability in its many facets. Televate’s standard outputs include maps of service availability, coverage levels, and network performance, as well as graphs and charts depicting network coverage and key performance indicators (KPIs).

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How it Works

Step 1: Download our free app on any Android phone.

Step 2: Drive (or walk) through your chosen service area.

Step 3: Pinpoint’s web service processes your test data.

Step 4: Televate delivers a report in a user-friendly format.

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