Orland Park, IL System Design and Engineering


The Village of Orland Park, IL and the Orland Joint Emergency Telephone System Board (OJETS) currently operates a twelve-site 2-channel duplexed VHF (High Band) analog conventional voted radio system (2 Tx/Rx sites and 10 Rx sites) in support of its daily police communications. 

The Village sought an experienced public safety communications design and engineering consultant to work in partnership with OJETS and the Village to establish a mutually agreeable contract with a qualified radio system vendor that delivers a sustainable, interoperable and cost-effective radio system that addresses the police department’s needs throughout the Village and in conjunction with its neighbors.

The Village engaged Televate, who conducted a comprehensive feasibility study and develop strategic recommendations anchored on the agency needs assessment, the evaluation of the current networks through lifecycle audits, and conceptual design for a new radio system that will provide improved performance and a standardized and sustainable solution.

Project Tasks

Televate performed the following tasks in support of the first phase of the project:

  • Existing documentation review
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Needs gathering and a summary of requirements
  • Signal level measurements of the existing system, STARCOM21, and the Cook County system throughout the Village
  • In-building signal measurements and voice quality assessments in 16 schools, as well as additional “key” building within the Village
  • Establishing a propagation simulation of the existing Village system and the STARCOM21 system in the Village
  • Development of conceptual designs for multiple potential stand-alone next-generation systems and a STARCOM21-based solution
  • Development of a capability, performance and life-cycle cost analysis and comparison of the candidate next generation systems, and
  • Provided a summary report and on-site presentation of findings and recommendations to the Village board.

Televate is currently working with the Village to establish a procurement strategy and develop a comprehensive system specification and scope of work document. Once this task is complete, Televate will provide subject matter expertise to the evaluation committee throughout the vendor evaluation and award activities. Televate will deliver summary presentations comparing and contrasting vendor technical and price proposals, as well as outline negotiations strategies that foster a robust vendor contract.