Marion County, FL Broadband Feasibility Study


With the objective to make convenient, affordable world-class broadband networks available to all residents, Marion County, Florida contracted Televate to conduct a study providing the information needed to analyze, select, and implement the best solutions to improve broadband connectivity across this urban/rural county.

Project Tasks

Beginning with an assessment of the current broadband conditions and market demand, the Televate team:

  • Conducted a countywide broadband survey of residents and businesses to determine requirements, service options and gaps, barriers to adoption, affordability and other key data
  • Interviewed and gathered data from internet service providers (ISPs), including service offerings, pricing, service areas, future plans, public-private partnership interests, and more
  • Interviewed approximately 25 key stakeholders representing municipalities, schools, health, transportation, non-profit community service, government agencies, public safety, and others regarding their broadband experiences and requirements
  • Engaged with the State of Florida broadband office
  • Engaged with Local Technology Planning Team (LTPT) to gather their broadband requirements and facilitate collaborative discussions to advance the broadband assessment process
  • Developed maps of broadband service gaps, including unserved and underserved census blocks throughout the county
  • Assessed State of Florida legal statutes to provide recommendations on the creation of a municipal broadband enterprise owned and operated by the County
  • Assessed State of Florida legal statutes to provide recommendations on the options and opportunities for broadband public-private partnerships
  • Comprehensive assessment of all Federal and State broadband infrastructure and digital equity  grants and funding programs
  • Conducted a mobile coverage study of three cellular networks (AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon) over 280 square miles of county roads utilizing Televate’s Pinpoint™ application

The resulting recommendations addressed management and digital growth, technology options, financing and legal options and partnership options.