Ingham County, MI Project 25 Radio Network and Integration to MPSCS


Ingham County 9-1-1 Central Dispatch sought a Technical Advisor/Project Manager to oversee and coordinate the construction, installation, and initial operation of the County’s 700/800 MHz Project. The County had entered into a contract with Motorola to deploy a County-wide 9-site, 21-channel simulcast system that will be integrated into the State of Michigan Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS) and sought assistance with project implementation.

Project Tasks

Televate is currently supporting the County by performing the following project management and coordination services:

  • Coordinate/manage day-to-day activities and communications between the various Project Managers and Ingham County 9-1-1 Center Administration
  • Coordinate meetings between County stakeholders, MPSCS technical staff, Motorola or other vendors involved with the project, including all necessary documentation to support ongoing decision making
  • Review all payment requests and confirm invoiced costs are reasonable and cover work performed in accordance with the contract requirements
  • Ensure all necessary approvals for tower acquisition/location/leases and required regulatory approvals are obtained
  • Work with County stakeholders to develop consensus-based expectations
  • Review/evaluate the proposed system DDP (detail design plan), Technical/Functional Requirements, and Implementation Plans (Schedule, Budget, Work Statements) and assist with any specification changes needed
  • Maintain documentation to ensure system performance and contract compliance
  • Actively take part in system performance evaluations/ATP acceptance test plan to ensure the system meets the specified contractual requirements and performance of the system/vendors
  • Ensure that needed system performance guarantees are properly documented and that vendors have contractual responsibility and capacity to resolve system performance issues and provide maintenance to the system in a timely manner

Televate is also responsible for drafting any necessary RFPs for supplemental related radio system equipment needs, evaluating and scoring RFP responses, assisting with negotiations, and recommending final contract language with selected vendors.

In our initial months on the project, Televate has addressed or is in the process of addressing the following items:

  • Site acquisition facilitation: Televate has developed a detailed site information and equipment matrix to facilitate the site acquisition, tower mapping and structural analysis process. The matrix will also serve as a comprehensive site and lease management tool throughout the life of the project.
  • Televate assisted with initial site visits, preparation of lease applications and review of lease documents and terms and conditions.
  • Motorola proposal and contract review and analysis: Televate analyzed the executed contract and identified key items for review and clarification.
  • Conventional channel analysis: Televate analyzed and provided a recommendation to the County regarding the use of conventional channels, while considering potential mutual aid or back-up system support.