LA-RICS Public Safety Broadband Network


The image shows the LA-RICS logo.Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System (LA-RICS), a Joint Powers Authority, is dedicated to providing public safety communications throughout the Los Angeles Region. Televate has been retained by the authority for nearly a decade to provide comprehensive technical services ranging from grant acquisition, design, engineering and implementation of LTE and Project-25 communications networks, RFP development and specifications and finally network operations.

Prior to Televate’s direct contract award with LA-RICS, Televate was an integral element to help LA-RICS secure a $155 million Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) grant under a subcontracting arrangement. The grant provided funding to implement a 700 MHz Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless broadband budgetary system along with a microwave backhaul system, towers, generators, and other elements to build a countywide public safety grade broadband system. This LTE network predates FirstNet and served as one of several pilot programs for public safety broadband in the United States.

Project Tasks

Televate’s specific contributions to LA-RICS include the following tasks:

  • Provide comprehensive broadband subject matter expertise on on-going LA-RICS 700 MHz LTE system design and deployment including EPC, RAN, and Use End Devices
  • Create a design for over 200 public safety communication sites including design customization to deliver service to targeted areas
  • Develop detailed RFP specifications for broadband related system elements as well as joint LMR/LTE related specifications
  • Analyze vendor proposals for both joint LMR/LTE systems and standalone LTE systems
  • Assist in vendor negotiations for joint LMR/LTE systems and standalone LTE systems including price analysis and negotiations
  • Conduct radio propagation analyses to assist LA-RICS in the selection of public safety communications sites
  • Conduct backhaul design analysis including analysis of fiber (wired) and microwave (wireless) options.
  • Create a 60 ring, 280 link microwave design connecting more than 250 LTE sites and integrated this design with aggregated fiber facilities
  • Conduct path analyses, capacity and reliability studies and develop microwave capacity design requirements based on potential use cases for public safety usage and BTOP guidelines
  • Work with LA-RICS personnel on site related issues including system re-designs
  • Meet with site owners regarding specific needs of the broadband network and specific site design constraints
  • Assist LA-RICS in developing solutions to minimize public opposition including development of stealth tower site specifications
  • Conduct cost and financial analysis for public safety communications systems