Kent County, MI Project 25 Radio System and Integration to MPSCS


The Kent County Dispatch Authority (the “KCDA”) sought a Technical Advisor/Project Manager to oversee and coordinate the construction, installation and initial operation of the Kent County 700/800 MHz Project. The KCDA entered into a contract with Motorola to deploy a countywide 12-site, 20-channel simulcast system that would be integrated into the State of Michigan Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS). The project had fallen behind schedule and the KCDA needed assistance to get the project back on track and to help the County and its member agencies and the City of Grand Rapids prepare for transition to the new system.

Project Tasks

Televate was selected to perform the following project management and coordination services:

  • Coordinate proper permits, licenses, and leases with tower and tower site owner/operators as well as local, state, and federal agencies
  • Recommend approval of tower site and tower development, construction and installation plans
  • Monitor technical aspects of the Project
  • Assist with the detailed design plan to be presented to MPSCS
  • Assist with installation/scheduling of radio equipment
  • Assist with the distribution of, and training on, radio and pager equipment to local public safety agencies
  • Assist with training scheduling/coordination for end users

In our initial months on the project, Televate has addressed or is in the process of addressing the following items:

  • Prime site location and configuration for enhanced system reliability: Televate initiated a discussion and developed a memo analyzing the proposed system configuration and providing alternative configurations
  • Storm planning: Televate has made recommendations relating to the system operation during different potential failure scenarios and system configurations
  • Talkgroup planning and fleetmap development: Televate is in the process of facilitating talkgroup planning and fleetmap discussions and coordinating these activities among the Kent County, City of Grand Rapids users, and MPSCS representatives
  • Radio deployment planning: Televate is in the process of coordinating the radio installation and deployment plans throughout the County and the City of Grand Rapids, while working with the chosen Motorola sub-contractor
  • System cutover: Televate has begun development of a system cutover plan to guide the transition of the County system and to help prepare the County for the Detailed Design Plan (DDP) meeting with MPSCS.