Wireless Network Design and Deployment


5G, Wi-Fi, LTE, and other proprietary solutions can deliver significant data speeds, high capacity, reliable, and fully controlled connectivity to meet your mobile and fixed communications needs. Televate has designed and built both private (closed) and public wireless broadband networks including more than 1,000 private LTE sites serving hundreds of thousands of square miles and includes a public network featuring a municipality partnership with Verizon’s LTE for Rural America (LRA) program. The Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum offers new opportunities for utilities, hospitals, manufacturing, and other sectors with or without licensed spectrum. Private and public LTE systems can be highly customized to address high-mobility indoor, outdoor, campus, or wide-area settings. Solutions can be tailored to address the capacity needed for IOT, video, or high-demand applications. Televate can support your organization in selecting and implementing the right wireless solution to meet your needs.

Televate’s capabilities in private and public wireless include:

  • Planning and consulting
  • Project initiation, budgeting, design, procurement, and licensing
  • Device planning and acquisition
  • Deployment, project management, engineering, installation, and acceptance testing
  • Operations, staff augmentation, training, operations planning, vendor management
  • CBRS SAS selection, GAA design optimization, CPRI installation
  • Technology capabilities includes 4G, Wi-Fi, 5G, LoRaWAN, proprietary unlicensed systems, point-to-point microwave (licensed and unlicensed)

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