Community Broadband


Today’s economy requires connected broadband communities. As more content and commerce moves online, broadband access has become as integral to our economy as robust transportation systems and other utilities. Businesses find it more cost-efficient to share information, collect payments, and perform other transactions over the internet and customers appreciate the convenience. The pandemic highlighted the importance of broadband communications for remote learning and education and for maintaining functional government and commercial enterprise operations. Today, healthcare, government services, personal communication, and entertainment have become far more reliant on broadband communication systems that allow à la carte programming and other unique forms of entertainment to be delivered to our homes and businesses. A connected community is a more vibrant community that can engage in today’s economy.

Televate’s staff has designed, built, operated, and maintained broadband networks that delivered these and other essential services and understands the costs associated with them. We worked for the companies that evaluated these opportunities and have an appreciation of where to apply the right business model or technology to meet the needs of the community. Televate can help your community develop the right plan and build relationships with the providers that will invest in your community to enhance availability of broadband access. We can help maximize your available funds from the American Recue Plan Act (ARPA), BroadbandUSA, and other sources, and optimize how you spend other available funds to expand internal government broadband capabilities and to attract other investments in your community.

Broadband has become an integral part of economic development. Without broadband, it is difficult to attract businesses that bring high-paying jobs and attract skilled workers that in turn allow the community to compete in a global economy. A robust and competitive broadband marketplace will continue to innovate and meet the demands for your community while enabling telework and other helpful work-life balance arrangements for your community. Service providers have cherry-picked many affluent communities that are saturated with broadband options; municipalities need to aid the marketplace to narrow the digital divide and extend broadband services to unserved and underserved communities.

Televate’s broadband experts understand the barriers that prevent businesses from providing high-quality, high-speed, and reliable broadband connectivity that will make your community thrive. Contact us today to find out more about how we can maximize the return on any investment you make and make your community an attractive environment for additional investments from the business community.