Community Broadband and Digital Inclusion


Broadband has become an integral part of economic development. Without broadband, it is difficult to attract businesses that bring high-paying jobs and attract skilled workers that in turn allow the community to compete in a global economy. A robust and competitive broadband marketplace is needed to enable your community to continue to innovate and meet the demands of your community. Members of your community also need the tools and skills to make effective use of Internet services to fully participate in today’s emerging digital economy.

Identifying Your Community’s Needs

Sample Televate-Developed Map of Locations with Competition at >=100/20 – Publicly Available Data

Televate can help you understand the specific needs of your community, identifying unserved/underserved areas and market demand. Using highly detailed FCC data we can help understand locations that lack high-quality service and do not have competitive offerings or broadband choice. We can also help you understand your community’s needs outside of broadband infrastructure such as digital literacy, adequate devices to access the internet, and affordability.  A key component of our needs assessment is to identify NGO partners who can help in finding and serving those in your community who lack the equipment, skills, or funds needed to fully benefit from today’s digital economy.

We can also help you gather and validate mobile cellular coverage and throughput data using Televate’s Pinpoint™ application.

Helping you Fully Leverage Grant Funding

The Infrastructure Act’s Broadband Equity Access and Deployment (BEAD) grants present a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to correct broadband infrastructure gaps. BEAD has important components that account for the engagement of local governments, non-profits, and internet service providers (ISPs). We can help you leverage the opportunity to serve the most unserved and underserved location within your jurisdiction using the most future-proof technology via these mechanisms.  Time is running out to leverage this opportunity and local jurisdictions must act quickly.  Whether you own a municipal broadband network or want to work with independent service providers, we can help you leverage this opportunity to take full advantage of these funds. The Infrastructure Act also provides funding for Digital Equity grants. In addition to our ability to capture your community’s needs, we can help you develop plans to leverage these funds to meet your digital equity challenges.  Our digital inclusion planning will include identifying government and NGO partnerships and address outreach, digital literacy, devices, and affordability. We can assist you with making the best use of your community’s resources and to secure grant funding from the Infrastructure Act’s Digital Equity grants.

Why Televate?

Televate’s broadband experts understand the barriers that prevent high-quality, high-speed, and reliable broadband connectivity that will make your community thrive. Our team will help your community make full use of these broadband services and become full members of our broadband economy. Contact us today to find out more about how we can maximize the return on any investment you make and make your community an attractive environment for additional investments from the business community.