Televate Releases New Pinpoint 2.0 Features


VIENNA, VA – May 24, 2022 – Televate, LLC proudly announces updates to its Pinpoint™ application and dashboard that provide critical enhancements to detect 5G, allow users to easily compare data from multiple carriers, and to view network coverage and performance changes over time.

Televate’s Pinpoint platform provides private crowd-sourced coverage maps for enterprise and government entities. With a simple-to-use Android app, Pinpoint collects cellular network coverage and performance data in the background with minimal user interaction. Pinpoint’s automated data post-processing creates informative coverage maps and coverage statistics using ESRI’s ArcGIS Online platform.

Televate’s Pinpoint Android application has been updated to detect enhanced 5G services that deliver very high data speeds such as Verizon’s 5G Ultrawideband, T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity and AT&T’s 5G+.  This new 5G enhanced detection allows users to see locations where the networks are likely to deliver very high data speeds and can position mobile service providers to offer home-based 5G services that can compete with some fixed broadband technologies.  The 2.0 version of the client application also has a redesigned user interface that provides additional network parameters and test results for the user, including ping jitter to comply with FCC Mobile Challenge requirements.

The new Pinpoint Dashboard 2.0 presents maps that are now more informative than ever, enabling users testing multiple cellular carriers to quickly and easily switch between tabs to view and compare the different carriers in the same location. Users can customize the view of carrier coverage by date or geography. Pinpoint’s updated analytics show side-by-side graphs of the cellular coverage and performance for each carrier including changes over time. This allows users to easily visualize changes in network performance over time, such as the expansion of 5G and new cell coverage.  The customizable dashboard can map and report on several dozen different network metrics leveraging ESRI’s powerful ArcGIS Online platform.  The new dashboard architecture accommodates the grid structure now used in the FCC’s Mobile Challenge process.

These important enhancements to Pinpoint provide governments and service providers with simple to capture and understand information about the scope and quality of broadband wireless service in their community or service areas.  “Whether it’s providing cellular-based solutions for remote learning or providing businesses with mission-critical texting and data, mobile services are critical to our communities.  Pinpoint offers a vital view of the quality and availability of service, providing the tools to help chart a course to enhance mobile services where needed.” Said Joe Ross, Senior Partner of Televate.

Pinpoint data collection, processing and analysis services are available by subscription. Learn more at or contact Televate at

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