Introducing Our New Pinpoint™ App!


The image shows a screenshot of the app's dashboard.

Televate is excited to announce the upcoming release of our new Pinpoint smartphone application. Available for all current model Android devices, Pinpoint puts users in control and provides you with the tools to assess your carrier’s offerings on your own terms. The app enables you to collect critical information about your cellular carrier’s network and performance, including service availability, device location (including indoor location where available), signal strength, signal quality, cell information, network latency and maximum throughput. Pinpoint runs in the background and automatically uploads the data to Televate’s secure cloud server with no user intervention required, making it simple to use wherever you go.

Televate’s standard reports include maps of service availability, coverage levels, and network performance, as well as graphs and charts depicting network performance achievement metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). Additional custom maps are also available.

The image shows a sample output map.

Contact us for information on our full capabilities, or get more information at our landing page.