Public Safety System Design and Engineering


Public safety personnel rely on a growing array of technologies in performing their mission to safeguard their communities. Our team of experienced engineers and technologists delivers unparalleled expertise across a broad range of voice and data communications and information technology solutions that serve the mission critical community. Our experts apply innovative approaches to put cost-effective, interoperable and sustainable tools in the hands of our nation’s public safety and public service personnel. Televate has refined a rigorous set of processes and tools to support our clients with designing, optimizing and troubleshooting various narrowband and broadband wireless networks, along with tactical communications solutions to increase system performance and reliability.

Some of the services Televate can provide include:

  • System Design and Engineering
  • Network and Architecture Design
  • Coverage and Capacity Analysis
  • Frequency and Spectrum Analysis
  • Migration Planning
  • Specifications Development
  • Systems Integration
  • RF Exposure Studies User Device Configuration Definition
  • Interoperability Gateways Design
  • Network Optimizations and Performance Management
  • Coverage Testing and Validation
  • System Troubleshooting and Resolution
  • RF Interference Testing and Analysis