Public Safety Communications Consulting


Televate’s technical and management expertise enables our staff to provide a broad range of innovative consulting services–from strategic planning to software architecture–to help our customers achieve their objectives under increasingly challenging circumstances. Whether you need outreach, analytics, grant funding, financial or other management services, our team can support your organization’s mission.

Our information technology experts can provide a wide variety of services, including software engineering, web development, geographic information system (GIS), security and multimedia services. Televate’s core competencies in mission critical communications enable us to provide a range of support, from the development of Statewide Communications Interoperability Plans (SCIPs) to the development of strategies and management structures to leverage and maximize your revenue and broadband availability using your towers and real estate assets.

Across a broad spectrum of public service systems and operations, and based on stakeholder-defined and independently researched technical and operational requirements, Televate’s skilled consultants can help you achieve your vision.