As champions of mission critical communications and information technologies, data sharing and broadband applications, Televate’s team of leading technologists, engineers, program managers, and administrators have dedicated much of their careers to enhancing interoperable voice and data networks and solutions for a community often underserved by technological advancement and budgetary funding.

The need for higher levels of interoperability between all first responder agencies and entities across regions and states is escalating, yet projects of this nature can be a drain on time, budgets and valuable resources, often resulting in temporary, disparate, patchwork solutions that do not fully meet expectations.

We are committed to providing our clients with:

  • Smart, sustainable, scalable, long-term solutions
  • Cost-effective planning and timely project delivery that meets operational goals and budgets
  • Vendor-neutral consulting
  • Side-by-side collaboration and mutual respect

Our holistic project approach allows us to readily assess and develop a strategic plan to meet the specialized needs of your program while meeting your operational goals and budget.

We don’t dictate—we collaborate.

We are the experts in our field, and we appreciate that you are the expert in yours. We work side by side as partners with our clients, combining our experiences and expertise to deliver a solution that is not only smart, it is sustainable.

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